Content Marketing For Small Business

I still believe in the old online adage that CONTENT IS KING…. Especially if you want to gain any ground online organically if you have zero or very little ad budget. Content Marketing is too often overlooked in our internet marketing strategies.

GIVE your audience a lot of relevant, helpful content. The LARGE MAJORITY of your social media content should be helpful and relevant to your audience. Speak to their wants, needs, or try to help them problem solve.

DON’T continuously drown your audience with sales posts. People aren’t drawn to a steady flow of sales ads on your business page. Give them good, relevant content for the type of market to which you are catering.

Make sure that you are GIVING, GIVING, GIVING more to your social media audience customers RATHER THAN asking, asking, asking for them to buy. It pays off in the long run.

Let’s take a real estate agent for example. I would say don’t just plaster your page with new homes for sale all the time. Give your readers HELPFUL POSTS – “5 Ways to Increase Your Home Value,” “7 Tips To Save $$ On Your Next Home loan,” etc., etc. Do helpful posts much more frequently than the sales posts.

It’s easy to kick against that thought with- ”But, I need to make a sale NOW!” Yes, I know you do! However, if you want your content marketing to work, you need to play the long game in GAINING TRUST and building long term customer relationships. Give them VALUE.

Spend time on your content marketing strategy. Block out time every week to plan out your posts for the next few weeks. Give people the information that they need. And yes – as a part of that overall plan you can insert the sales promos or the products and services you might be selling.

If I can help you with your content strategy, message me.

Brian Sloan