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Web Design Gainesville, GA

If you need affordable and professional web design in Gainesville, GA we can take care of your needs! Most businesses simply don’t take advantage of the massive potential of what a well-designed and optimized local website can do. At Sloan Marketing Solutions we can take care of your website needs. You may need a site built from scratch, redesigned in some way, or optimized for Search Engine Optimization. This can enable the site to rank higher so that your business can be found in the search engines such as Google. If you need a web design in Gainesville, GA or surround areas, we can take care of you!

You may be in a position to need new or additional web design, and we would love to work with you. Building a new website or having yours optimized for better search traffic is a great pathway to more customers or clients.

The Gainesville, GA – Hall County area, and the surrounding North Georgia areas are those that Brian at Sloan Marketing Solutions is very familiar.

In the northern suburban Atlanta area to Gwinnett, Hall, Forsyth, the great lake Lanier, and surrounding counties there are many local businesses. These businesses compete for the sale of goods and services. It’s the goal of Sloan Marketing Solutions to make your web design stand out among the search engines and bring customers to you!

In our 20 minute consultations we find out more about your particular needs and can offer various solutions.


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A Key to Online Success!

Website design is a key component of online marketing services. Let us show you how we can optimize and make it easy for your business to be found on the web. With today’s technologies, anyone can create a website that looks great, yet most of these websites are not designed correctly or optimized properly for maximum search engine exposure.

A well designed website is important for any business that wants to generate new customers. A well optimized website in terms of search engine optimization (actually being found online) will bring in more revenue as a result of higher conversion rates and improved search engine rankings.

Websites can be created to perform more than one function such as increase customer loyalty and make it easier for individuals looking for businesses in your neighborhood using their computers and/or smartphones. Website visitors will be able to find information about your company, products, team members, employees as well as special events and offerings just by visiting your website rather than calling or going to your location in person.

The Importance of a Well Optimized, Local Web Design

Is your website outdated, and hasn’t been updated in years? If so, it’s time to make some changes! A poorly optimized website can be more than just a waste of time – it could also cost you money. Your website needs to be written well with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind.

You definitely want your website to function well and rank high in the local searches when someone is looking for your type of business on Google, Yahoo, or other search engines.

The difference between a website that is well optimized and one that is not can mean the difference in a large amount of customers for your business. As a result, it can bring you a larger amount of income to be added to your bottom line!

Can My Business Afford a Well Optimized Website?

Well, the first answer is that you can’t afford not to have a well optimized website. However, for economic purposes – yes, there are very affordable website designs and very affordable upgrades if you have an existing site that needs to be optimized to rank higher in Google and other search engines.

You would be very surprised at the low prices that an independent, small business agency like ours can give you. We will custom web design Gainesville GA package that you can afford.

Do I Really Need Web Design in Gainesville, GA When I Already Have a Good Social Media Presence?

That’s a great question in the age of large social media outlets. Facebook and other social media platforms are great to keep in touch with friends, family, and certainly business prospects also, but it’s not a substitute for your own business website that can be ranked in the search engines.

Facebook and other platforms don’t allow you to customize your business pages in a way that is best to reach the masses of people that you would like to reach. Nor, will they allow you to capture lead information in the various ways that you can with our own website. All of your posts and pages must be formatted similarly as other pages on facebook.

Businesses have more control over their website than they do on Facebook because they can choose what goes where and how it looks. Therefore, we advise most every business at have, at least, a simple website in addition to using Facebook and other social media platforms!

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Reasons to Choose Sloan Marketing

In the earlier days of the internet it was much easier to put up a simple website and get visitors to come to it, get leads, and make sales. However, with all of the competition on the internet you need to carefully structure your site so that it will draw clients and customers to your site through Google and other search engines.

Unfortunately, a large number of businesses today have websites that may look ok but get no visitors. Their websites are out of sight and out of mind for the potential customers.

You do want a website that looks good, but you also must have your website set up to draw in customers and make money for your business. That’s why we build sites that are optimized for the search engines so those who need your products or services can find you.

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Reaching Customers and Clients For Leads and Sales!

Well, we have a business so I guess we need a website or a better-designed website than we currently have!

Yep, you probably do! But not just to have a website or even a more modern website. Why do you need a well-functioning website? It’s because you need leads, customers, and sales. If a website doesn’t help you build your brand, get your name out, and help produce income for your business, then who needs one? ….unless you just want a blog as a hobby (and yes, we can do that for you also).

However, normally, people who have websites built need them to help accomplish their financial goals in business. As mentioned, there are hobby bloggers, we enjoy doing those types of sites and can give you one of those very inexpensively.

Normally, however, what is needed is a site that can produce leads and sales, leads and sales. What do you want? Probably more customers leading to more sales. Let us build your site and position you to get those sales!


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 Can’t I save money buy

building a

Do-it-yourself website?

If you have a huge amount of time and patience to spend learning one of the do-it-yourself drop and drag platforms, certainly you could eventually get a website online.

However, the learning curve in terms of buying a domain, get hosting for your domain, properly setting up the pages on your site can be overwhelming. And it’s quite an undertaking to learn the mechanics of web design and search engine optimization (SEO) – that’s getting Google and other search engines to find and rank your website well.

The chances of you struggling to build a do-it-yourself website and getting many people to visit that site aren’t very good without professional input.

Also, the do-it-yourself alternatives do not usually have near as many capabilities as a website that we would create.


Our Process And What We Provide

When you decide to have your website built with Sloan Marketing, we will carefully help you map out your goals for your site.

  • We can provide you with various color schemes that will suit your preference and the feel of your business.
  • We can work with your to make sure you have a well-designed logo if you do not have one already.
  • We will do keyword and key phrase research for you so that you can include information on your site that will better show up in Google and other search engines.
  • Your website will be mobile friendly and optimized for mobile devices. The majority of online searches are done on mobile devices now and we will design your site to perform well on your phone, tablet, and desktop or laptop computer.
  • We will build your site to target the area in which you are seeking customers. If it’s a site that is primarily for the Gainesville, GA area or if it includes many other surrounding locations we will target those locations for the search engines as well.
  • If you need us to, we will write or rewrite the content that you give us for each page into a nice format that will grab the attention of the search engines.
  • We will advise and assist you in picking out images and backgrounds for your pages.
  • We will advise and assist you in deciding the number of pages and topics about your business that you should have to make your site successful.
  • We will link your website to any social media sites that you may already have. If you need additional social media sites, we are able to build those for you at a very low cost.
  • We can set up lead capture forms in order to help you build your email and/or phone number database.
  • If you don’t have a website domain name, we will assist you in finding and purchasing just the right website name to suit your business.
  • Each website needs a hosting provider to actually host the contents of your website. Hosting costs are not a large expense. However, hosting costs continue as long as you keep your website. If you already have hosting, that’s great.
  • If you do not already have a hosting company, no worries. We will set that up for you with a quality hosting company and you won’t have to worry about any of that.  We use good companies that will offer great hosting that will average $7-$12 per month,

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