Top Lead Generation Tips For Realtors

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Social Media

Do Facebook leads really convert? Is it oversaturated? Is it a waste of time?

Well, the answers to those questions are yes, no, and no. Prospecting and lead generation on Facebook are still very good ways to produce solid sales results. However, you must remember that it’s a process. It’s not usually a boom – one-time conversation with a prospect and you close a deal. You have the nurture those prospects and leads and build that relationship over time.

Corona Virus is one of the most unfortunate things to happen to our country and world. We pray for everyone affected. However, as a small business person it’s more important than ever to make online lead generation and online communication with those leads a priority for our business.

The argument that there are too many competitors online in any given industry has been heard from years, yet consultants, agents, and business owners go right on ahead and make money with online leads continuously. So, over-saturation is not the problem. Usually, it boils down to the private business owner being consistent in online lead gen, or they do not have the systems in place to do good follow up and lead nurturing.

It is CERTAINLY not a waste of time for realtors. A lot of agents do and should spend time online every day communicating with and nurturing prospects and leads. Although a meeting or sale might not come to fruition today, it may very well convert weeks or months from now.


2 Winning Keys to Converting Facebook Leads for Realtors.

1. Speed, Speed, Speed!

If you are using organic (free) methods of lead generation on Facebook or Instagram, or you are using paid ads (which I would encourage) speed of contact is still a huge factor. The longer you wait to followup with that lead, the less chance you have to convert the lead. As a matter of fact, if you wait too long to contact a lead they will sometimes forget that they ever reached out to your ad or post in the first place and not even remember what you’re talking about.

So, by not reacting quickly to the lead inquiry, you are essentially taking a prospect that is, at least, a bit warm (because they responded to your ad or post) you essentially allow them to go back to being a cold prospect.

So, say you’re running Facebook ads and a lead comes in at 9:00 pm while you’re relaxing in front of the tv. At least take 60 seconds and respond briefly to them to acknowledge their request or send them a link. Or, you can have a longer online conversation with them during your evening. That’s your business. However, if simply acknowledge the message and perhaps send them a link, or have it set up to happen automatically you can follow up with a more detailed conversation the next day.

Rather than just looking for the next lead, building a Lead Database using a custom Messenger Chat flow.

2. Move the conversation with the lead offline as soon as possible.

Nothing new about this. However, it doesn’t mean that you discontinue the nurturing relationship online. You absolutely do. However, as soon as you can move the relationship to a phone call or a meeting, the closer you will get to getting that lead as a client.

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