Real Estate Lead Generation For 2021 and Beyond

What would converting an extra 1 to 2 listings each month do to your yearly bottom line?



 – What if you didn’t have to start your day tomorrow worrying about buyer and seller leads because they were coming to you on autopilot?

 – What if you had a solid plan to add an additional $85 to $100K or more in gross commissions to your bottom line?


Brian Sloan here with Sloan Marketing Solutions. After years of doing affiliate marketing, blogs, and building websites, etc.,  I got serious about using my online skills for lead generation for small businesses. Ultimately, I decided to put a laser – like on real estate lead generation.

Along with a lot of study, thousands of dollars of training on advanced Real Estate Lead Generation methods I worked to develop specific and successful lead generation skills for those in the real estate market.

Services Available:

Build A Personally Branded Custom Website (including your branding and the company you are with)

Setup Your New Social Media Platforms 

Update and Refresh Your Current Social Media Platforms For More Efficient Outreach

Management of Your Social Media Platforms for a Brief or Extended Period of Time

 Advanced Facebook Advertising Strategies For Steady Lead Generation and Brand Awareness 

Prices for the above services are given according to scope of the project. Regardless of whether you are just beginning your business or have many years of experience, we can normally customize a plan that will fit even the smallest of budgets.

For paid advertising, Facebook is the primary avenue with us.

“Well, Brian – you’re probably using Facebook ads and I haven’t had much success with them. Every marketer tries to pitch Facebook Ads.”

Well, there is some truth in that. A lot of people waste money on Facebook ads for a variety of reasons. However, Facebook generated almost 84 billion dollars in ads in 2020 and that is certainly not because the ad platform is not effective. However,  ad campaigns that do not have specific goals and are specifically targeted to the right people, that’s when you will lose at FB ads.

I could tell you all I know about generating leads. However, it’s the strategic implementation and well-crafted followup that is the difficult part and a very time-consuming chore.

Plus, we use what I call our “Secret Sauce.” It’s a very powerful element that we combine with Facebook ads that makes it a whole new ball game.  

A challenge for realtors is the TIME that they must spend trying to generate leads when they should be using their skill sets nurturing those leads, selling properties, closing deals, and increasing monthly commissions. 

The question is this – do you have a well-articulated plan to do just that?

If it were as easy as boosting a Facebook post, we would all have tons of fresh leads all of the time. But, that’s not the case. It’s much harder and more complicated. However, some of the more difficult tasks are tasks that can fill your pipeline with leads and drastically increase your business revenue.

So, what is the secret sauce that works so well with Facebook advertising?”

It happens to be Facebook Messenger Marketing!

I use the worlds largest Messenger Marketing platform “Manychat.”

(ABOVE) Example of a client’s ManyChat lead database from ads in approximately one month.


85%+ open rates & 60%+ Click Through Rates

Facebook Messenger is an uncluttered marketing channel not yet tainted with the expectation of having to avoid so much spam. It’s like email marketing on steroids. What does this mean?

It means that the information and followup messages you send to your database gets through to them… AND they are likely to respond because it’s easy and comfortable to do so.

A combination of Messenger Marketing along with email followups can enhance the process as well. However, the open rates for email marketing are getting lower and lower.

Messenger marketing works!


☑️ The Messenger ad campaigns that we run are battle tested so we can predict with a high degree of confidence the results projected. And remember, these are people who reached out to you!

☑️ It’s cost effective!! Leads bought by brokers and agents from the giant real estate lead companies can cost $40 to $60 each.

☑️ With our buyer and seller lead magnet campaign we will be generating highly motivated sellers and moving them through a messenger funnel ON AUTOPILOT to drive them to inquire for an appraisal or for you to capture buyer leads also. Therefore we can get ad clicks from $3.00 to $12.00 depending on the type of ad.

☑️ As the database grows we can cultivate and retarget the database with more ads and follow up messages direct to their messenger inbox.

☑️ Even if you only got and converted 2 additional listings per month. What would that do to your yearly bottom line?

A Strategic Lead Generation Approach For 2021 and Beyond!

Significantly Increase Your Monthly Profits!


You can only trade so much time for money until you need to take the next step and outsource those time-consuming tasks. 

Like circle prospecting and many other prospecting strategies you are essentially making first contact with a potential lead who doesn’t know you. However, with Messenger Marketing the potential lead has actually reached out to you first by asking for the property information you are offering.

Therefore, they are much warmer than a cold call. Using Messenger Marketing to build an online database that you consistently nurture is a proven pathway to success! You don’t just need another lead. You need a consistent pipeline of leads! The benefit of these leads is that you are following up with someone who isn’t completely ice cold and has made an inquiry about you or your listing.


Free 15-Minute Demo Call

We like to do this on a Zoom call so you can see how our strategy works. After the call, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take for your business to start generating consistent and reliable results that you can directly correlate to new listings & real growth!

Get a time on Brian’s calendar to schedule your call today and we look forward to speaking to you soon!

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☑️ Real estate agents, team leaders & agency owners who want to scale their business.

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